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Welcome to the
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Welcome to issue No2...

We are glad to see that there is definitely more optimism in the business world with companies starting to invest in future growth. In this issue we have a couple of articles featuring customers who are moving ahead with expansion plans and seeing results from the fruits of their labours. We’ve also included features on products that can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line and how CCTV has developed using high definition.

We hope you enjoy reading Connections and here’s to a great summer.

East Sussex Security Installation
A Clearer Future for CCTV
Introducing high definition CCTV systems.
Security Installer East Sussex
We've got the keys to your car door
Vehicle entry to make your life easier.
Security Installation East Sussex
Why you should use LED lighting
Considerable savings using a simple solution.
Security Installers East Sussex
Making Schools safer places
What can be done to make schools safer?
East Sussex Security
Don't let this happen to you!
What happens if you don't take safety seriously?
East Sussex Security
A Clearer Future for CCTV

Most of us can see the advantages of CCTV for the protection and surveillance of property and people. However, there have been limitations with the quality of images and the ability to automatically track movement. But with the introduction of High Definition CCTV all that has changed. The extra detail that HD offers can often lead to a criminal conviction.

Lower Costs

Because an HD camera can record more detail and view a wider field of vision a single HD camera can replace several analogue cameras.

Automatic Tracking

This technology is very beneficial for places where people or vehicles need special attention such as office buildings and entrances, schools, hotels, car parks and town centres. The way it works is really simple – when a person or vehicles enters the field of vision the camera will automatically track it until it moves out of vision, it will then return to its original position. The camera will keep the target in the centre of the screen. Car number plates and people faces can be seen very clearly.

Ease of Installation

Many CCTV installations already have coax cable so an upgrade to HD CCTV may be less expensive than changing the entire infrastructure.

Our engineers can carry out a no cost review of your requirements and will demonstrate the advantages of HIGH Definition CCTV.

We've got the keys to your car door

We all know how frustrating (and expensive) it can be if you lock yourself out of your car so we have invested in the latest software technology, which allows us to offer the right and most cost effective solution.

Over recent years car manufacturers have been increasing the level of security on vehicles, although this has reduced the amount of car theft it has become more expensive to replace car keys. But we can offer a solution to get a car back on the road quickly.

Our fully trained locksmiths are trained in non-destructive vehicle entry. We also offer a key cutting service and can decode locks when the code is unavailable.

To make it easy for our customers most work is carried out on site – for example a garage, workplace or the roadside.

To find out more call Hastings Locksmiths on 01424v 432882 or email us on locksmiths@fuzion4.co.uk

Security Company east Sussex
Why all Companies should be using LED Lighting
It could be the easiest way to add to your bottom line.

These days most of realise that LED lighting is more efficient, can save money and is kinder to the environment. But the big stumbling block has been the initial cost and installation of good quality lamps. To overcome this we have introduced a simple scheme where there is no capital outlay!

This is how it works

We carry out a no cost review of your current installation, and then produce a report showing how much you can save. We then fit the LED’s and you carry on the paying the same amount for your energy as previously and the extra that you save by using the LEDs will pay off the cost of the LED’s and installation – what could be simpler?  

Here's a simple example:
Current cost of energy per year £5000
New cost for energy using LED's £3000
Savings per year £2000
Cost of LED's including installation £4000

So, for the first two years you carry on paying £5000, which covers the cost of the LED’s and the installation. Then, after the two years you will be saving an additional £2000.

Considerable savings for larger buildings:

50 offices (or classrooms) each with ten 72w recessed panels, 5 offices each with ten 72w recessed panels.
Cost of energy per year: £40,296

Using LED's:
Cost of energy per year: £17,136
Savings per year: £23,160

Where else can you make those types of savings just by switching to LED’s and for no capital outlay? So, not only will you save money, you will also conform to the latest legislation.

We can also help with further savings such as sensors that automatically switch off lights or dimmed during certain times of the day. These functions can be controlled via a computer or even a mobile device.

It makes you think doesn't it?

Lighting uses around 20% of electricity consumed worldwide and in Europe 75% of office lighting is using out-dated inefficient lamps. LED’s can also offer health benefits. Research has shown that LED’s reduces the risk of headaches and can reduce the amount of people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

For a copy of our leaflet which more detail on the benefits of LED lighting contact us on 01424 436385 or email us on enquiries@fuzion4.co.uk

Making Schools a safer place for Students and Staff

Schools and colleges are faced with security challenges every day, keeping undesirables out and teachers and pupils safe and enabling education in calm safe conditions where learning can take place with the minimal disruption.

Property protection is also very important because there is always valuable and sometimes irreplaceable equipment.

Child safety is the most important thing so the most appropriate safety levels requires expert knowledge of all methods available. 

Security Installer East Sussex
Security Alarms
The right system should be able to ensure that strangers can’t gain access and pupils can’t leave without permission. Some schools want secure areas that only staff and pupils have access to. Round the clock monitoring is vital and a monitoring system that provides immediate response from the emergency services.
East Sussex Security
Fire Alarms

It’s important that a fire alarm system meets all the stringent health and safety guidelines and insurance requirements.

The latest systems can be zoned which can pinpoint the exact location of a fire and will raise the alarm in seconds, alerting the emergency services at the same time. They can detect all types of fire, even slowly developing ones; these may be releasing poisonous smoke without anyone noticing.

Security Installation East Sussex
Fire Extinguishers and Training

Not only is it important to have the right amount and type of fire extinguishers they must be maintained to the highest standards. UK legislation requires staff to have adequate fire safety training which covers the correct way to approach a fire, how to set off an extinguisher, different types of extinguishers and their usages.

East Sussex Security Installation
Manned Guarding and Mobile Patrols

Manned Guards can help with access control, points of entry and exit and any areas of concern. It can be the presence of high visibility guards that deters any potential threats.

Mobile patrols are highly visible and should be carried out at irregular times. They can reduce the likelihood of vandalism and can spot early signs of flood, fire and waste.

Security Installation East Sussex
Security Fencing

Fencing should always be included as part of an establishments security measures. The right fencing can deter casual trespassers or even determined intruders, prevent pupils leaving without permission, prevent unauthorised removal of property and ensures compliance with insurers requirements.

East Sussex Security Installer

The presence of CCTV can prevent a lot of incidents from happening. CCTV surveillance can also provide video evidence after an incident has occurred and with the detail that high definition CCTV offers people and vehicles can be clearly identified and the footage can often lead to a conviction.

CCTV can be linked to access control in order to monitor people entering, prevent crowding, improves parking and can use video as a training tool.

Security Installers east Sussex
Access Control

Access control can be used in a variety of ways to ensure safety and security for pupils and staff. It can limit visitor access to a single entrance, reduce the number of doors that can be opened from the outside, and restrict access to certain parts of the facility. A time control can allow doors to be free entry and exit during break times.

Security Installers East Sussex]

Master suited locks allow one key fits all or mastered so each lock is individual and a master key all or some of them. Our lock systems are designed in-house ensuring a rapid service for any additions, re-keying of locks and additional keys.

Security Solutions East Sussex
Providing the right security solution for you

As you can see, providing the right security solution can comprise of a wide variety of products and it’s important to have the correct advice for the security of staff and pupils. For a FREE review of your security infrastructure contact us on 01424 436385 or email us on enquiries@fuzion4.co.uk

Don't let this happen to you!

Hotel owner hit with £200,000 fine
Salim Patel formerly the owner of the Radnor Hotel in Bayswater, London was handed a fine of £200,000 plus costs of £29,922 together with a four month prison sentence suspended for 18 months for the violation of fire safety regulations and risking the lives of his guests.

Security Company East Sussex

The London Fire Brigade reported that the hotel was missing fire doors, had inadequate fire detection systems in place, did not meet emergency lighting requirements and was not in possession of a fire risk assessment. It was also found hat he basement storeroom was being used for sleeping.

Head of fire safety regulation at the London Fire Brigade Neil Orbell commented “This is the biggest fine we have ever secured against an individual and should send a message to all business owners that if they are shirking their fire safety responsibilities and putting the public at risk we won’t hesitate to prosecute”

For a FREE Review of your fire safety systems and policies contact us on 01424 436385 or email us on enquiries@fuzion4.co.uk

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